Alfons Clavera is an outstanding lawyer who began his legal career in 1992, inspired by a family tradition of lawyers. He combined this vocation with his passion for education, starting to teach law at the National Distance Education University (UNED) shortly after completing his studies. Dedication to advocacy and teaching are two key aspects of his professional life.

Clavera is known for his meticulousness and love for the in-depth study of each case. He has shared his knowledge for more than two decades as a professor of civil law, public and private international law, and administrative law. His belief in sound education as the foundation for every lawyer is undeniable.

In addition to his work as a lawyer and teacher, Clavera has been active in politics and human rights, contributing to improving the quality of life of citizens and defending fundamental rights. His dedication and passion for knowledge make Alfons Clavera an exemplary professional who serves both his community and his profession with integrity and determination.

His report in the book Advocats d'Andorra