Carles Jordana Madero, an experienced civil law attorney, finds his greatest motivation in helping his clients solve their legal problems and experiencing their happiness when they achieve a solution. His commitment lies in helping those in need of legal support and he uses his professionalism to overcome barriers that may not be obvious to everyone.

He fondly remembers cases in which he was able to help people in difficult situations. These experiences give him great satisfaction because he can provide solutions with his legal skills and knowledge. He is concerned that not everyone has access to the legal resources he can provide through his legal profession, and he feels it is his responsibility to do so.

Carles Jordana is a negotiator and believes it is important to approach issues with a conflict resolution approach. He learned to develop this skill by working with Antoni Riberaygua, who he considers a master in negotiation. Jordana also emphasizes the importance of maintaining seriousness and rigor in legal cases and representing clients professionally in trials. Despite his dedication to work, Carles Jordana maintains a balance between his profession and his personal life.

His report in the book Advocats d'Andorra