Salvador Capdevila did not aspire to be a lawyer when he was young, his dream was to be a doctor so he could help people. However, something about the legal field appealed to him, and he eventually studied law to become a respected lawyer. Advocacy became not only his profession, but also one of the pillars of his life. He is so immersed in the legal field that his outstanding books deal with regulations and guidelines to follow.

He sees law as a service and strives to help people in the best possible way. He believes that 80% of cases are won if you are right, and the lawyer can make the difference in the rest. In addition, he values ​​the importance of the Bar Association and its role in improving citizens’ rights in the field of justice.

Capdevila also emphasizes his commitment to his family and the importance of balancing his personal and professional life. Despite the demands of his profession, he has set limits on his working hours to enjoy his family. His wife, who is a solicitor and works in the same field, understands his commitment to the profession.

In short, Salvador Capdevila became a lawyer following his passion to help people, and he considers law to be his vocation. He maintains a strong commitment to his family and values ​​the role of the Bar Association in improving the justice system.

His report in the book Advocats d'Andorra