From an early age, she aspired to be a lawyer, influenced by conversations with the family lawyer and a fascination with law and psychology. After completing her Law studies and working at the Mora Ortega law firm, initially focused on criminal cases, she has expanded into the civil field.

With experience in complex cases, such as defending a young person with a life of crime or confronting organized networks, Thaïs emphasizes the importance of dedication and motivation to win difficult cases. In the field of family law, she emphasizes the protection of the interests of the minor. With a concern for the image of the lawyers’ group, he highlights the difficulties arising from the deterioration of the administration of justice.

Despite staying focused as a lawyer, she does not currently contemplate getting involved in politics. His constant attitude to learn is reflected in various formations and participation in rights commissions. Thaïs Vinyes is looking to continue her professional dedication and perhaps combine it with a business task in the future.

His report in the book Advocats d'Andorra